Veganism: Why?

Now don’t get me wrong, I have an insane amount of respect for vegans. I would never be able to live that way, not eating anything that comes from anything with a face. I’m a pescatarian, which is basically the easiest version of vegetarianism. It’s like level one, I don’t eat meat but I still eat fish.


I don’t eat meat not for health reasons, but for moral reasons. I just don’t like that animals are treated horribly while they are alive, ripped from their family, and murdered just so people can have something to eat when there are many other things we can eat. Fish on the other hand, they are less conscious and they don’t make relationships like animals do. Their only goal in life is just to survive and procreate. They usually aren’t tortured before they are killed, so I feel less guilty.


Vegans however, don’t eat anything that comes from animals. If you choose to live like this, go ahead I think you’re crazy brave, but I don’t really understand the ideas behind it. Of course, some dairy companies and farms have animals live in horrible conditions before taking things from them, but not every farm is like that. They have farms where the animals have acres and acres to roam, are fed healthy foods, and live with all their friends and family. People milk them or take their eggs or whatever they need from them, and it has no effect on their quality of life. I can’t think of any reasons to miss out on so much amazing food, besides health reasons.


I can’t imagine not being able to eat anything with no dairy, it’s in like everything. I don’t understand the reasons to be a vegan so if any vegans read this, let me know!!


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