Snapchat: Why do we Have Streaks?

Almost everyone in high school has a snapchat, and almost all of them have many streaks. If you don’t know what a streak is, it’s a number that appears next to someone’s name on snapchat that’s how many days in a row you have snapped each other. Everyone cares so much about their streaks and if they lose one, they act like it’s the end of the world. Why is it such a big deal?

You would think streaks would be more personal, like you have a conversation with your friend every day and the number shows how many conversations you’ve had, but no. You put a dot in front of each person you want to have a streak with and once a day you send a picture with a black screen with the word “streaks” to all of the names with the dot. Then when someone answers your blank picture, the picture almost always has no words. Just a picture of their face, or the floor, or a lamp, and then you answer with your face, or the floor, or a lamp. Then you go back and forth over and over again with pictures of random things. What’s the point?

I used to have streaks with a lot of people, and let me tell you that was a HUGE waste of my time. Only about 15 of them I was close with and would have real conversations with, and the rest just sent wordless pictures. So, I decided to end all my streaks. I told everyone to take the dot off of my name in their phone and to stop sending me the blank pictures. For about a week, I didn’t use snapchat and I felt so free, like a weight has been lifted off my back. Then I started to miss it, so I started about 15 of them again, only with my close friends.

But why did I miss it? That’s what I don’t understand because it seems like such a useless and pointless thing, but I still missed it. Maybe it’s because even though it’s not the same as talking in person or texting with words, it’s still a connection. I always have a small tie to all my friends, and it’s comforting to know that.

Or maybe it’s because it’s like a competition, to see who has the most amount of streaks. Like I know if someone says they have like 80 streaks I think, wow, you know a lot of people.

Whatever reason it is, I like having streaks. I also like having 15 streaks rather than a bunch. If someone knows why having streaks is such a good feeling, let me know.


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