Snapchat: Why do we Have Streaks?

Almost everyone in high school has a snapchat, and almost all of them have many streaks. If you don’t know what a streak is, it’s a number that appears next to someone’s name on snapchat that’s how many days in a row you have snapped each other. Everyone cares so much about their streaks and if they lose one, they act like it’s the end of the world. Why is it such a big deal?

You would think streaks would be more personal, like you have a conversation with your friend every day and the number shows how many conversations you’ve had, but no. You put a dot in front of each person you want to have a streak with and once a day you send a picture with a black screen with the word “streaks” to all of the names with the dot. Then when someone answers your blank picture, the picture almost always has no words. Just a picture of their face, or the floor, or a lamp, and then you answer with your face, or the floor, or a lamp. Then you go back and forth over and over again with pictures of random things. What’s the point?

I used to have streaks with a lot of people, and let me tell you that was a HUGE waste of my time. Only about 15 of them I was close with and would have real conversations with, and the rest just sent wordless pictures. So, I decided to end all my streaks. I told everyone to take the dot off of my name in their phone and to stop sending me the blank pictures. For about a week, I didn’t use snapchat and I felt so free, like a weight has been lifted off my back. Then I started to miss it, so I started about 15 of them again, only with my close friends.

But why did I miss it? That’s what I don’t understand because it seems like such a useless and pointless thing, but I still missed it. Maybe it’s because even though it’s not the same as talking in person or texting with words, it’s still a connection. I always have a small tie to all my friends, and it’s comforting to know that.

Or maybe it’s because it’s like a competition, to see who has the most amount of streaks. Like I know if someone says they have like 80 streaks I think, wow, you know a lot of people.

Whatever reason it is, I like having streaks. I also like having 15 streaks rather than a bunch. If someone knows why having streaks is such a good feeling, let me know.


Veganism: Why?

Now don’t get me wrong, I have an insane amount of respect for vegans. I would never be able to live that way, not eating anything that comes from anything with a face. I’m a pescatarian, which is basically the easiest version of vegetarianism. It’s like level one, I don’t eat meat but I still eat fish.


I don’t eat meat not for health reasons, but for moral reasons. I just don’t like that animals are treated horribly while they are alive, ripped from their family, and murdered just so people can have something to eat when there are many other things we can eat. Fish on the other hand, they are less conscious and they don’t make relationships like animals do. Their only goal in life is just to survive and procreate. They usually aren’t tortured before they are killed, so I feel less guilty.


Vegans however, don’t eat anything that comes from animals. If you choose to live like this, go ahead I think you’re crazy brave, but I don’t really understand the ideas behind it. Of course, some dairy companies and farms have animals live in horrible conditions before taking things from them, but not every farm is like that. They have farms where the animals have acres and acres to roam, are fed healthy foods, and live with all their friends and family. People milk them or take their eggs or whatever they need from them, and it has no effect on their quality of life. I can’t think of any reasons to miss out on so much amazing food, besides health reasons.


I can’t imagine not being able to eat anything with no dairy, it’s in like everything. I don’t understand the reasons to be a vegan so if any vegans read this, let me know!!

Teachers: Care About What you Teach

I try not to fall asleep in class because I know that if I were the teacher I would be offended if as I was teaching people were just so incredibly bored that they couldn’t stay awake. However, if your teaching style is to turn off the lights and put on a video about what we are covering instead of actually doing your job and teaching it to us yourself, I’m not going to try to stay awake.

Teachers are amazing and without them we’d all be lost, but some of them really half ass it. They just read from a power point, or put on a video, or hand out a worksheet and have the students figure it out themselves.

Last night I didn’t finish all of my work until about 3:30 a.m. and it wasn’t because i procrastinated or anything like that, no. It is because my Honors English teacher at one of the best high schools in the state didn’t explain half of the assignment, nor did she teach us anything that the assignment was on. In class she simply put on an audio tape of some old guy talking about how Anthem influenced whatever and brought up ideas of something, and then handed us a packet on our way out saying it’s due Monday.

Well, Mrs. ******, you are our teacher, not the old guy on the tape. He shouldn’t be ranting about it when we have a fully capable teacher who studied this stuff for years that could be teaching it to us. Anyway, I spent the entire day trying to figure out what I’m supposed to do for the assignment and I got about two hours of sleep. Then in class the next day my teacher put on a video. She sat behind her desk on her phone and made us watch a video. I was up all night working on her assignment, so yeah, I’m going to sleep in class.

I never sleep in class if the teacher is standing at the front teaching about something they care about. I respect those kinds of teachers. I don’t respect teachers like Mrs. ******, and I’m going to sleep in her class if she doesn’t care enough to do her job. If you’re a teacher, PLEASE go into a field that you care about so your students aren’t bored out of their minds.

I take financial lit this year because it’s a requirement to graduate, and nothing we learn in that class interests me at all. I know it’s necessary, but I don’t enjoy spending an hour going over how a paycheck works. But, that is very interesting to my teacher and you can see that. He stands in front of the class every day and he talks loud and he waves his hands and he is just alive. Even though what we learn in that class is boring to me, how much my teacher cares about it and how much effort he puts into it  makes the class interesting.

SO, the takeaway from this is if you are a teacher, please care about what you teach because if you don’t the kids will not respect you or the class.

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